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Susan Millar




Susan Millar is a senior scientist with the UW-Madisons Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER). A cultural anthropologist by training (Cornell, Ph.D, 1981), her work during the last 15 years has focused on organizational change processes and student and faculty learning associated with efforts to improve education in the science and engineering disciplines. At this time, she pursues these topics as an evaluator for two major NSF-funded projects being launched at WCER in 2003: the Systemwide Change for All Learners and Educators (a $35M Math-Science Partnership project), and the Center for the Integration of Research on Teaching and Learning (a $10M Higher Education Center for Learning and Teaching project), and as the lead evaluator for the Regional Workshop Program, a nation-wide science faculty development project. She also is the external evaluator for the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education at the University of Washington (another NSF-funded $10M Higher Education Center for Learning and Teaching project). She also participates on the national advisory boards of various organizations seeking to improve science learning in higher education.

Experience gained in a variety of other positions prepared Dr. Millar for her current roles. These positions include: lecturer for the UW-Madison Women's Studies Program (1981-85); policy analyst for the University of Wisconsin System Administration (1985-89); co-director of the National Study of Master's Degrees (1989-91); Research Associate at the Study of Higher Education and Affiliate Assistant Professor of the College of Education, both at the Pennsylvania State University (1991-94); "lead Fellow" for the Institute on Learning Technology, a project of the National Institute for Science Education (NISE) College Level One team (1999-2001) (, and founder and director of Learning through Evaluation, Adaptation, and Dissemination (LEAD) Center (1994-2002) (